Amateur or elite, landlubber or old salt, a visit to Gulf County must include a crack at the waters of the “world’s best fishing.”  The Gulf of Mexico, freshwater lakes and rivers, St. Joseph Bay, and Intracoastal Waterway provide excellent fishing sites and challenges.  If sailing the high seas aboard one of the many charters offered does not exactly fit your fancy then surf fishing off the coastline may be more your style.  Or, you may enjoy trolling along the rivers and lakes to catch the “big one.”  Both salt and freshwater opportunities abound, so put on your deck shoes, and head for the water.  Chances are it will not be far away. 

Surf/Pier Fishing
It is one of the least expensive ways for an entire family to spend the day.  The toddlers can build sand castles while dad and mom cast into the rolling waves for whiting, pompano or one of the many other species that frequent the miles of beach shoreline. Shrimp or cut squid go a long way and artificial ones go even longer.  There are numerous hot spots along the beach and residents will be more than happy to share their local knowledge of what’s hot and what’s not! 

Deep Sea Fishing
Some dream of going offshore and reeling in a trophy catch.  In Gulf County that dream can become reality.  Even if you only enjoy this sport on rare occasions, it gives you a memorable experience comparison to none.  With personal or charter boats captained by local experts, the bountiful Gulf awaits the offshore angler with grouper, amberjack, snapper, Spanish mackerel, king mackerel and cobia —among the most popular game fish that abound.  Gulf County has an active reef-building program insuring that future generations can enjoy deep sea fishing at its finest.

Bay Fishing
Set off the shores of the St. Joseph Bay Aquatic Preserve, few locations allow the angler to actually see its catch long before it’s pulled into the boat.  From inboard motor to the kayak, St. Joseph Bay is accessible to all anglers.  Here you can find redfish, trout, shark, mullet, flounder, and tarpon.  For those unfamiliar with the term “skinny water,” it’s fishing in but a couple feet of water and usually poling within cast reach of the opposition.  Gulf County is home to several outstanding “flats” guides and the many public boat ramps make it easy for “do-it-yourself” anglers to quickly get out on the water.

Freshwater Fishing
Gulf County abounds with freshwater fishing opportunities—the Apalachicola River, Chipola River, Brothers River, the Dead Lakes, and Lake Wimico.  You can start your journey down our winding river system with each turn taking you into a new slough or you can grab a cane pole and sit on the banks.  Whatever your reference, Gulf County has it.  White City has hosted many bass fishing tournaments and Wewahitchka plays home to the catfish.  With many public and private boat ramps, you are assured a speedy exit into the serenity of Gulf County’s beautiful freshwater havens.